This recipe, or idea came about when we used to camp with our horses. We would make a great breakfast and then pack a lunch and head out on the trail for the day.. Of course we would pack lunch stuff in our saddle bags but, sometimes when you are riding you get hungry on horseback and this little trick or treat was great. I used to put mine in the little bag i carried on my saddle horn and would pull them out while riding down the trail. We sold our horses and bought a camper but I was thinking...this would be great say for instance if you were at Raystown and went down to the lake to fish between breakfast and lunch it would come in handy.

Breakfast burritos

No real recipe.
Heat up leftover breakfast items like bacon, eggs, sausage, cheese and onion together in a pan.
Heat up soft taco shells, put the leftovers in the shells, roll em up and wrap them in tin foil......pull em out when you get hungry before lunch and have a treat!

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