Foil Packet Cooking Tips
Use heavy duty foil. You donít want the foil to rip and have ashes get in and your dinner leak out. If you use regular foil, double up on the sheets. If your food is heavy, and/or if you plan to eat directly from the pack, itís a good idea to double up even on the heavy duty sheets.

Spray the side of the foil on which youíre going to place the food with cooking spray before you add your ingredients and seal it up.

When placing your ingredients on the sheet of foil, always put the meat on the bottom as it takes the longest to cook.

Cook your foil packet on the fireís coals, not in the fire itself. Ideally, you want to place the packet on a bed of coals about 2 inches thick.

Hard, raw vegetables like carrots and potatoes take a long time to cook. If you donít want to wait, use the canned variety.

When cooking meat, throw in some high-moisture veggies like tomatoes and onions. This will keep the meat from drying out.

Cooking times will depend on how hot the fire is and the kind of food in the packet. I generally err on the side of cooking it too long-this is the kind of food that you donít need to be overly delicate with. Flip the packets over a few times during cooking, and open and check on how the food is progressing from time to time.

When itís finished cooking, open your foil packet carefully, as itís full of hot steam!

Making Your Foil Packs

Making a good foil pack is essential to foil dinner cooking success. There are a couple of different kinds of foil packs you can make depending on what youíre cooking.

The Flat Pack

The flat pack is best for foods like meat where youíre looking for more browning than steaming.

1. Place the food in the middle of the sheet of foil. If you needed to mix the ingredients up, do so in a separate bowl before transferring it to the foil.

2. Tear off a sheet of heavy-duty foil that is about twice as long as the food youíll be wrapping. Itís better to overestimate the length than place your food on it, start wrapping it up, and realize you donít have enough foil to keep everything in and make your folds.

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