The Shout box located over in the right hand column is a fun way just to jump on and actively "Chat" with other members online.

There is an open text box at the bottom just above the words 'Shout' and 'Reset'.

Type whatever you want to say in the box and either hit enter or click the shout button below it.

This will place your next 'Shout' in the Shout Box for all to read.

If you type something in the box and change your mind, you can click 'Reset' and it will delete everything in the box.

To enter the smiley faces in the shout text, enter the UBB code associated with the smiley you want to appear.

If you are not sure what the UBB code is for the smiley, go to one of the posts, click 'Reply' and then on 'Switch to Full Screen'

In the upper left hand corner you will see a big smiley face. Click on him and it will bring up the menu of the smileys we have loaded. Simply place your mouse, or "hover" over the one you want to know the code for and it will show.

For example to get whip you would type in (<colon>whip<colon> Ex-->>) : whip : all with lower case and no spaces.

Then simply hit enter as would would for any other text and it will show up in the shout box. You can also use the code for general posts once you start to remember them, it becomes easier than switching to full screen mode and clicking through the smileys.

Occasionally I made add new ones, so pay attention and watch for them as well... They can be alot of fun to add to your posts and shout box entries.

So stop read all the posts, and start joining in...
We will be cheer to have you there... toast

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