Moving up in size? Any thoughts?

Posted By: pyromug

Moving up in size? Any thoughts? - 03/23/15 12:58 AM

After 4+ years with our Open Range 335 BHS we are seriously considering a longer 5th wheel. Our greatest concern is the length. We do a lot of state park camping, overnight traveling (staying in rest stops or Wally docking) and we are worried that the 41 ft length of the Open Range 376 will not fit with our traveling style. We spend over 60 nights per year in our RV - even camping where we can work from the campground.

So my question is, does anyone here have experience with a fifth wheel that exceeds 40 feet who can give us some feedback, positive or negative, with having an RV of this size? At this time we are thinking our best way forward is to keep our 335 through the summer and as we travel think about how the extra 8 feet or so would affect our travels then make a decision by the Hershey show in September. Any thoughts?

Thank you!
Posted By: rich

Re: Moving up in size? Any thoughts? - 03/23/15 09:54 AM

I think your plan to keep what you got for the season is very intelligent.
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