cold temps

Posted By: Grizzly Girl

cold temps - 02/23/15 11:22 PM

Has anyone been at their camper and checked it out lately. I have noticed this week that the antifreeze has crystalized this year and pretty much after these -temps that we had last week. It all look fine before that. I am just hoping that we are not going to have any issues with Amy of the pipes once we do finally thaw out.
Posted By: mikhen

Re: cold temps - 02/24/15 01:07 AM

Ours is in our driveway. I'll be checking it tomorrow
Posted By: rich

Re: cold temps - 02/24/15 11:31 AM

It's been a month since I have gone to the campground to check on my camper but I did blow my lines out before doing antifreeze(which is rated for 50 below) so I should be ok.
Posted By: Grizzly Girl

Re: cold temps - 02/24/15 01:16 PM

I hope that we don't have any trouble I know that I have a slip from the dealer that did the camper before we acquired it this month that is was done but I am still a little worried about having any trouble with any of the pipes once we do finally get out of this freeze that we are in. Plus it did not look crystallized when we looked at the camper last month when we made the choice to get it.
Posted By: tanstaafl

Re: cold temps - 02/27/15 05:59 PM

RV antifreeze will freeze, it just doesn't expand when it does.
Posted By: Grizzly Girl

Re: cold temps - 02/27/15 07:36 PM

Ok thank you. I will have to check it out again after this cold blast goes away again this weekend.
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