Posted By: tanstaafl

Bacon! - 11/07/13 12:45 PM

For anyone in the Eastern Pennsylvania area this weekend:

On Saturday, Baconfest II is being held in Easton, Pa.

On Sunday, Bacontopia: A Celebration of Bacon is being held in Bethlehem, Pa.

I'm sure there are a lot of cardiologists in the area cringing at the thought.......
Posted By: HappyCamper2

Re: Bacon! - 11/07/13 11:56 PM

LOL or they will be the first ones there when it opens. You might be surprised at some of the things those docs eat. Most of them are pretty good though.
Posted By: mikhen

Re: Bacon! - 11/08/13 12:19 AM

Reminds me of the deep fried cheese burger at Sands Casino.
Posted By: tanstaafl

Re: Bacon! - 11/08/13 12:23 PM

mikhen, who has the deep fried cheeseburgers? I thought I was fairly familiar with the restaurants at the Sands, but I never saw that one.
Posted By: mikhen

Re: Bacon! - 11/08/13 04:58 PM

It's been a few years, but It was the pub/restaurant over in the corner. I think it was an Irish pub.
Posted By: tanstaafl

Re: Bacon! - 11/08/13 08:00 PM

Yeah, I know that place - St James Gate - did you try it? How was it?
Posted By: mikhen

Re: Bacon! - 11/08/13 09:50 PM

I didn't try it. Thought I'd try to avoid the dr that afternoon.
Posted By: HappyCamper2

Re: Bacon! - 11/10/13 11:24 AM

I don't know about that but at our pot luck luncheon at work on Friday someone had chocolate dipped potato chips , the chocolate dipped part had crushed peanuts on it. I took one look and thought it looked pretty gross. The girls at work said they were I tried one, they were pretty good. Seems a lot of trouble thought to make them. They used the ruffled chips. The girl that made them said the hardest part of making them was finding chips that were not broken and then keeping them from breaking. Again, novel idea but doesn't seem worth the trouble does it?
Posted By: 3dogsacampin

Re: Bacon! - 11/10/13 09:43 PM

HappyCamper2, there was a girl at work that would make the potato chip dipped chocolates using milk chocolate and white chocolate. She would also do it with pretzel sticks (the big ones). They were so yummy!!! She has since left and we all miss them. You get your sweet and salt cravings all in one bite LOL.
Posted By: mikhen

Re: Bacon! - 11/10/13 10:31 PM

My neighbor makes the pretzels. I may have to make some this year.
Posted By: sorefoot

Re: Bacon! - 11/10/13 10:59 PM

Somewhere I saw a story about a candy shop that make chocolate covered bacon
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