Review: Fantasy Island Campground in Sunbury, PA

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Review: Fantasy Island Campground in Sunbury, PA - 08/07/14 04:28 PM

The best way to describe this place is "quirky". In over 10 years of camping in privately owned campgrounds, I have never experienced some of the things that I did here.

I arrived on a Sunday around 5 PM and the office was already closed for the day. It was the week of July 4th, so I would think they would have been expecting campers and wouldn't have closed so early. When the owners were summoned by a nice gentleman who is a seasonal camper there, they came and opened the office. They were perplexed by my arrival, even though I had made my reservation 8 months before. They didn't seem to be very organized and couldn't find my reservation. I told them my name at least three times during the checkin, because they were so out of sorts they couldn't remember it. I showed them the e-mail confirmation of my reservation on my iPhone. Finally, they came up with a reservation slip and wanted to collect $100 more than what the balance should have been. I showed them the error, which was a clear miscalculation by whomever wrote up the slip. I got the information to connect to the free WiFi and proceeded to my campsite.

As far as the site I was on is concerned, I had no complaints. It was a decent sized site with lots of shade and a nice concrete slab patio. I had no problems with any of the hookups and everything on the site worked as expected.

The free WiFi is garbage. I wasn't able to get it working on any of my iOS devices. I've been an IT professional for over 15 years, so it isn't like I don't know technology. We're 100% an Apple family, which I find to be the most compatible devices across the board. But the WiFi here has some two factor web based authentication scheme that just doesn't work on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. I was able to get my MacBook Pro to connect, but even then the bandwidth was akin to 56k dialup speeds. Just because something is free, doesn't mean it's worthwhile. When I asked the guy at the office about it, he said that people with Apple products have problems, but Windoze and Android devices work. doesn't say WiFi that only works with certain devices.

The swimming pool could be so much nicer. It doesn't seem to be very maintained and I found myself concerned wether it even had proper levels of chemicals in it to keep everyone healthy. We literally had to skim the pool ourselves everyday to use it, clearing leaves and dead bugs that got in there overnight. They have a solar cover sitting right there that would keep a lot of stuff out of the pool, but I guess it would be too much effort for them to put it on at night when the pool closes? The bottom of the pool didn't seem to have been vacuumed in a long time either.

From when we arrived on Sunday until about Thursday or Friday, the mini-golf course had knee high weeds grown up between each hole. It also looked very dilapidated and small and isn't anything we even bothered with while staying there.

The hours that the arcade is open align with the hours of the office. So, if you're thinking about shooting a game of pool in the evening, you're pretty much out of luck through the week because it is closed. Most places we frequent, the office (including activities, arcades, etc.) is open until at least 9-10 PM. Here, the office and activities shutdown at 5 or 6 PM.

The arcade isn't anything special either. Billiard balls got stuck in the pool table. The puck got stuck inside the air hockey table so many times during a game that my wife just got frustrated and asked for her money back. The guy working the office that day gave us a wire clothes hanger for fishing the puck out of the table when it got stuck.

While the bathrooms were generally clean, they sometimes smelled bad and had absolutely no air movement at all. I am used to bathrooms with windows open and sometimes a small fan to keep the air moving. Also, if you wanted to take a shower in the bathrooms, it cost money! I've never heard of such thing, ever. The showers are coin operated.

We also utilized the laundry area during our stay and found it to be a nice convenience to have access to.

Something that cracks me up about this campground is the number of people (mostly the seasonal campers) who have golf carts. You can walk around the entire place in about 5-7 minutes, but people are driving around in golf carts like it's a sprawling 100 acre campground.

I did very much like the location and proximity to other non-campground things to enjoy. Bike riding was also very nice both in the campground, across the highway at the State Park and around the neighborhood where the campground lies.

The Sunbury Social Club is nearby, and they offered free fireworks for the 4th of July, which was a nice time.

All in all, we had a nice week....even given all the "quirks". My family is just used to camping in places that are meticulously cared for and updated. I guess we're kind of spoiled that way?
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Re: Review: Fantasy Island Campground in Sunbury, PA - 08/11/14 12:43 AM

just checked out the website and the sites look like a parking lot, other then that it don't look to bad
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