Willow bay/Kinzua

Posted By: puma4440

Willow bay/Kinzua - 07/12/10 05:21 AM

Hello all,

I just got back from staying 5 days at Willow bay recreation area on Kinzua lake. We had an awsome time, the fishing was horrible, we only had one 12" hybrid in the boat out of 20 hours of fishing, but who cares about #'s, it was my wife and I's first vacation(5 years together). We had the only electric tent site in deer grove(#94), which was awsome, because we had a small fridge, and her coffee pot.

It was an interesting campground, it was basically a walk in, we had to carry everything about 100 feet, parking was about a 1/4 mile down the road, and boat parking was 100 feet from my site. The RV section was very nice, but to me, it would have made sense to put the showers near the tent sites vs. the RV sites.

I had a few complaints about the place though, I know nobody here did these things, but its good to get it out.

1. If you have a dog that barks 24/7, consider other campers, and get one of those battery powered bark stoppers, we had a pug next to us the last 3 days that would not be quiet more than 2 minutes.

2. If one over indulges on adult beverages, do not degrade other guests about their equipment.

3. respect. We were next to the cabins, and on the 4th day, somebody broke into the cabin to plug an extension cord into an outlet to make coffee, I would have gladly made them coffee, or offered them to use my electric hookup for free. I ended up following the cord, and turning them into the campground host for breaking a screen and window lock.
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