Tionesta Recreation Area

Posted By: HappyCamper2

Tionesta Recreation Area - 07/07/13 06:14 PM

Has anyone ever been government recreation campground area up there? What is to do nearby? Is there boating on the lake? Any info would be helpful
Posted By: bfg344

Re: Tionesta Recreation Area - 07/08/13 11:24 AM

This area is in my neck of the woods.There is boating at the Tionesta Recreation area.And Tionesta is such a cute quaint little town,but it does have all your amenities.Grocery store restaurants laundry mat anything you need.Very pretty area.
Posted By: HappyCamper2

Re: Tionesta Recreation Area - 07/08/13 10:08 PM

How about the campground, I have read some bad reviews on it....noisy drunks, barking dogs etc...any experience with that ?
Posted By: Sarge

Re: Tionesta Recreation Area - 07/09/13 11:58 PM

Barb/HappyCamper2, I camp at Tionesta alot, it is a great place. Nice sites, full hookup, Patrolled by Sheriff, Church service, Boating, Great small town right there and Federal Park Rangers also.

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Posted By: HappyCamper2

Re: Tionesta Recreation Area - 07/10/13 12:05 AM

That is great info, thanks Sarge!!
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