Biking and Hiking in NW PA

Posted By: campfiregirl

Biking and Hiking in NW PA - 07/02/13 11:10 PM

Hey everyone. Had a great trip out to NW PA last year in the Oil Creek State Park/Cooks Forest area. The Oil Creek State Park had a 10 mile paved biking trail that was wonderful (bike rentals available at park office too!) and within 30 minutes were two other great paved biking areas. Feel free to ask for more info if you go to this area.
Posted By: mikhen

Re: Biking and Hiking in NW PA - 07/02/13 11:14 PM

I'm guessing that was a rail trail. They are finally back to working on one near us. Stay away from the Reading portion, unless you are armed, and it is a nice ride.
Posted By: Grizzly Girl

Re: Biking and Hiking in NW PA - 07/08/13 11:05 PM

I really liked the walk we took up ny Cook Forest this past week we were on one trail that took us to an old fire tower that was real neat with great views once you made it up to the top.
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